Expert orthodontist, Dr. Zieg of CONCELO, explains it all.

Have you ever felt the urge to hide your teeth when smiling? Do you sometime feel a twinge (or more) of embarrassment when flashing your pearly whites?  With more than 30 years’ experience in specialised orthodontics, Dr. Zieg shares five key signs you should not ignore about your teeth.

Key sign 1: The Overlap

If you have overlapping teeth that you find are difficult to brush behind or maybe your teeth often trap food particles, that is a clear sign that your mouth could use some relief with a visit to an orthodontist.  Cases like these often report persistent swollen and bleeding gums also. Imagine a life where you didn’t need to worry about pain and discomfort? Proper alignment of your teeth will definitely make it much easier to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

Side fact: Healthy gums are vital to ensuring that your teeth will last a life time. Persistent swollen and bleeding gums lead to infection in the supporting bone and is the number one reason for premature tooth loss in adulthood.

Key sign 2: Over the Edge?

If you study the edges of your teeth with a hand-held mirror and you notice that the edges look quite irregular with spiky bits in some places and straight edges in other places, you should definitely see an orthodontist.  Such cases have also reported a blue-grey appearance to teeth as they may be so thin that light reflects straight through the tooth body. Other examples of struggles include grinding of teeth as a result of an abnormal bite. Adult patients may note a darker yellow-brown discoloration of teeth when viewing the edges of their teeth.  This is definitely something an orthodontist can assist you with. Braces will assist in the alignment of teeth to improve your bite, make teeth easier to clean and put an end to grinding.

Side fact: An abnormal bite and grinding of teeth are usually accompanied by recurring headaches which can deeply affect one’s quality of life.

Key sign 3: Retruding lower jaw

A retruding jaw could be a very important sign that you need some time with an orthodontist.  This very common type of misalignment is when the lower jaw is disproportionately too small in relation to the upper jaw resulting in a ‘weak face’ appearance. The upper lip will commonly appear rather flat resulting in the nose appearing larger and the lower lip protruding forward. Another symptom of a retruding jaw is difficulty sealing lips completely shut when in a relaxed position.  Cases like this often also report that it can be difficult to eat with a closed mouth. An unhappy jaw will definitely mean unhappy teeth. 

Side fact:  Orthodontic treatments have been known to provide almost ‘face lift’ like results post treatment. In extreme cases surgical intervention may be indicated which will result in a vast improvement in facial appearance. The worst thing ever for these patients is when the upper front teeth are pulled too far back resulting in a ‘flat face’ which will always worsen with age.

Key Sign 4: Chronic Headaches

There are many causes for chronic headaches in teens and adults. Anything from stress to dehydration can be found to cause headaches and are often diagnosed as such. However, one of the key symptoms of jaw tension or irregular teeth placement are headaches.  In some chronic headache cases, it is very likely that the upper front teeth are placed too far back in the supporting jaw bone whether naturally or as a result of previous treatment. There is nothing worse than experiencing a really bad headache, let alone experiencing a bad headache every day.  Headache sufferers should visit an orthodontist to make sure they are covering all bases.

Key sign 5. The Over or Under Bite

In a resting position your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth, your teeth should be apart, and your lips should be together and your jaw should be relaxed. However, if there is a large gap between your top and bottom front teeth when biting down, you will certainly benefit with orthodontic treatment. Conversely, if your lower front teeth are biting in front of the upper ones, braces will make a world of a difference to improve your quality of life.

Side fact: A corrected overbite can result in a younger looking face.

Remember a smile is the most beautiful curve on the body.  If you are even in the slightest way embarrassed about how your teeth appear when smiling, seek an opinion from an expert orthodontist. A confident smile is vital to success in all walks of life.

At Concelo, Dr. Zieg has successfully treated patients: from children to teens and adults. Adult patients vary in age from their early twenties up to their sixties. With invisible braces being Dr. Zieg’s specialty, adults can now correct their smiles discretely and with minimal fuss. Dr Zieg is celebrated not only for his outstanding technique and expertise, but for his incredible passion and his service to his patients.

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