Our very existence and way of life has been turned upside down by the global COVID 19 pandemic. Its wrecked havoc with businesses of all sizes, potentially bringing an end to big corporate workspaces, the need to commute, and our world as we have known it; it is in a state of transition, and it will change forever. 

With a massive surge in working from home, the home office, and the new virtual meeting spaces of Zoom, Google meet, Lifesize [to mention only but a few!] has radically changed the way we work. For some it’s been for the better, but for others the juggle of home-work-kids-homeschooling has been a rather stressful transition.

On top of our new stressors, there is an increasing need to look our best on our video calls, especially from the shoulders up. This has become a new space for us to interact, assert, manage, and brainstorm with our fellow workers, and bosses. Besides for getting the right angle to avoid the detested double chin, and the correct type of natural lightning, your smile and facial expressions driven by your mouth are key to projecting the right kind of message. A beautiful smile positively impacts self-esteem. We mostly measure self esteem by physical appearance and body language when we engage. The team at Concelo can testify to their patients who first walk in with a negative body posture, shy facial expressions, whom however leave like a completely new individual with a good sense of self esteem once their teeth are straight. 

Virtual work calls and meetings is the one place we can still show our whole face, our smiles, and our expressions! With the new normal of mask wearing we don’t get to do this anymore, and truly express ourselves through our smiles, and frowns even! So on the upside we can use our new normal of WFH as a positive outlet to confidently express ourselves, without any mask restrictions.

There is something about a beautiful smile that has an effect on the way we present ourselves to the world, particularly our new virtual worlds we find ourselves in. 

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